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Red mask restoration

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  • Red mask restoration

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      Hi everybody

      Sorry for the mess Im doing uploading the photos, Im using the phone. I didn't do it before cause I was used to the old forum.
      A time ago and at the other forum we had a talk about conservation and I remember we were talking about keeping patina. I told you I would restore my menpo and would post it, it has taken me so much time than expected... Im a painting conservator and it has been the first time im restoring an armour. I do like to leave armours untouched as they have a historic and aesthetic values for me and they say a story for me. But this time I changed my mind and I decided to give a try and restore the red lacquer. First I cleaned a bit with special soap and consolidated all the flakes and reinforced the holes of the support to be able to hang it. I did it with epoxy, paraloid and japanese paper. Then, I added another kind of epoxy layer, and finally a filling and retouching. The color was matched with watercolor and some varnish.
      For some reason I don't know why a side had more dust than another, it had black areas in different places and I tried to match it all.
      I do hope you like the menpo and the armour as I do like.



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        Joseba, I suspect the original damage was caused by rats - I have a few armour boxes where they have chewed their way inside. You have done a wonderful and sympathetic repair / restoration. Brilliant.
        Ian B
        Ian Bottomley - UK