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  • Sodegarami

    A restrictive weapon with tetsu-sankaku and tetsu-hari. Total length 187 cm . I used to believe this was used to pull samurai off their horses. Reading up on
    some fundamentals , I now know it was not.....
    As Malcolm says :

    "Like Any Fule U Kno ".


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    Hi Jon,

    Think more entangling the sleeves by making a spiraling action.

    Usually part of an ensemble of other "nagamono" including Ladders and a T shaped spiked pole called a Tsukubo and a U shaped spiked pole called a Sasumata, stored in gate houses of Castles or areas of town where disruptive Bushi might be found.

    This gives a reasonable explanation of their use:

    Japanese schools and most public buildings have modern versions of Sasumata:

    Pip Pip Cheerio



    • Jon
      Jon commented
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      Hi Malcolm ,
      Fantastic footage of the "Art of Entanglement" ! Is this considered as Koryu ? You must be somewhat fearless I guess to subdue an attacker
      with only a spiked pole , let alone a jutte or short stick....

    • Dan
      Dan commented
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      Hi Malcom,
      Very interesting video, thanks.

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    There was a simpler version perhaps used for pushing a samurai off his/her horse. Not sure if I would want to remain tangled with such a bushi, especially one that I might have pulled down onto me!
    Piers D - Japan / UK


    • Jon
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      Yes , be careful what you wish for....

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    Back in the early days there are images of what are called kumade that have claws on the end of the pole and are shown dragging samurai off their horses.
    Ian Bottomley
    Ian Bottomley - UK


    • Teppotai
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      Kumade were also used for hoisting the lord's kabuto high for parading on the battlefield.

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    I reckon the one wielding the kumade must be a strong and fearless individual with flawless technique....