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Naginata with Mei.

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  • Naginata with Mei.

    Hi Everyone ,

    First post of Naginata is my humble honor .This blade comes with a long pole in black with the same Gingko Biloba motif in gold as the Saya . I couldn't get the
    complete pole in the frame , will post them later. The Mei translates to " AWA NO KAMI YASUTSUNA ". who lived in Goushou ( O-mi or present Shiga prefecture )
    and later moved to Osaka. Mid Edo period ? Don't know a lot about Naginata blades , so love some input if the pictures allow for it.


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    Hi Jon,
    There were various Tsuru/Kazura vine motifs used, such as Tessen, Rindo and the most famous generic word Karakusa. Arabesque. Since Ginkgo is not a vine, I am trying to see what else those flowers might be.

    As to the Mei, Harima no Kami, Fujiwara Kunixxxx(?) can't see the bottom character.
    播磨守藤原國 ...
    Nice to have a naginata. Many people want one.
    Piers D - Japan / UK


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      Hi Piers !

      Interesting to know that the Ginkgo Biloba theme is uncommon. Was the Saya and pole decorations a choice of the one who gave commission to
      let it be made or the makers choice?
      And does the choice of the Flora say anything specific about the owner/maker ?

      Thank you so much in helping to translate correctly the Mei . I will make some better photo's of the last character if you will !
      Still learning how to operate the translation App I have downloaded .

      I knew you would apreciate a fine Naginata !

      Love to hear what you find out.



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        Hi Piers !

        A little follow up on the Naginata . The pole is 2.39 m. long and could not get it entirely in the frame let alone mounted with the blade.So I took photo's
        in part. Also hope you can identify the last character if you can see it clear enough and have the time! I would be gratefull. Wish I could produce better photo's
        but I am working on it. Also like to know if you found out more about the flora used to decorate the pole and Saya? I have read your threads about your Yari
        and want to show you a few I have that I think are interesting.

        Best regards