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ever let anything go to waste.

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  • ever let anything go to waste.

    A very close friend of mine really wanted to own a tango. So I had a oil tempered Gunto that had been broken in and welded together. I had some fittings and some saya scraps. Had to make a suba, and an habaki...they were very happy with the result. Waste not...want not.
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    John, Actually the term is tanto - a short sword with a blade less that 1 shaku (approximately 12 inches). I like the menuki, they look like bamboo shoots. I am a bit puzzled by the fuchi at the base of the hilt and cannot make out what it meant to be. It is probably me being stupid.
    Ian Bottomley
    Ian Bottomley - UK


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      The black object on the fuchi reminds me of the top view of a Suiteki water dropper used in painting and calligraphy.

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        Sorry Ian, I forgot to mention that I only used the top part of the gunto that had been welded together. So in principal it is a tanto, The Menuki are a rather crude copy of some I saw on the internet. And yes, bamboo shoots. The saya was made from the more substantial bits and pieces I have lying around to do do repairs, and then re-lacquered by me, with urushi of course.i also made the tsuba and a new Habakkuk for the dramatically shortened sword. While while this is sword of little or no value, my point was that I have recycled an otherwise piece of rubbish. Altogether better than throwing in the bin.



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          Hi John,

          Habakkuk was a Jewish Prophet amongst other things, I think you meant Habaki.

          Would that be a smartphone you are loading from?

          In which case, it needs the Katchu/Nihonto upgrade.......

          Damn that predictive text...........

          Welcome aboard BTW

          You are now an official KatchuBunny

          It's a Motley Crew, a bit like a highly dysfunctional family.............

          Only without the baggage, which would be by Louis Vuitton.
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