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    A while ago I bought a sword in an auction, missing its bindings and menuki. I can't show that blade and saya at the moment as they are getting a clean up, but I thought it worth showing the tsuka. Sadly the mounts are a bit corroded but have been rather nice Higo style with pawlonia leaves and flowers in gold. The says is brown, slightly textured lacquer with spiral lines in black - one wide accompanied by a very narrow one alongside. I was rather taken by a Youtube video of a guy binding a hilt for a competition in Japan and since I had some jabara I thought I would have a go. Handling multiple ends of jabara was a bit daunting until I hit on a European equivalent of sticky pine resin the Japanese use - Pritstick. A smear of that on the wood strips on either edge of the hilt holds everything in place and is invisible. Although it feels tight, the strands tend to slip out of place somewhat when handled so it will get a soaking in polycell wallpaper paste before I return it to the sword.
    Ian Bottomley
    Ian Bottomley - UK

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    Hi Ian ,

    Looks like a job well done ! Love the two tone colour of the strands , very Ton sur Ton. Artfully intertwined. I gather the jabara is made from silk ? Curious about the soaking in polycell
    wallpaper paste?

    Kind regards



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      Looking good, Ian! Someone in Japan once told me that the mark of beauty lies in how the knot at the end looks. I think yours looks fine

      Jan - Sweden


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        Once I get the saya and blade back I will do a picture of the whole thing.
        Ian Bottomley - UK


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          Hi Ian, I was told that Jabara should be hung with a weight for a few days before use.

          Have you got one of those mechanical sprung loaded third hand thingies?

          To clamp the ito of course, not for other any fule kno.

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          Pip Pip Cheerio



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            Malcolm, I actually made a clamp and tried to use it but found it was more of a nuisance than a help, The threads, and yes they are silk Jon, kept getting snagged around it. Remember when you kick off at the start you have 16 separate ends all about 4m long flapping about that you have to keep untangling. In the end I clamped a wooden bar to my desk so that I could slide the tsuka on and as I have said stuck the threads to the edge of the tsuka as I completed each cross-over with Pritstick. It was tedious and you needed to keep prodding the threads into place with a pointed tool. as well as adjusting the paper packing so it didn't show. What was a relief was that the binding reached the kashira pointing to the rear without me having to squash it up to make it do so.

            Ian Bottomley - UK


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              You've done a very nice job, I'm waiting to see the complete thing (with saya and tsuba)...
              Daniel GONY - FRANCE


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                Surprised that you even attempted this but you are quite right to be proud of that. Congratulations!
                Piers D - Japan / UK