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  • What have I got?

    some years ago my wife bought me a Kabuto, she paid around 500 bucks for it. But to this day I really have no idea what I have...but it seems so right. Love to know more!

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    Looks to be a Haruta Suji late Edo Period
    David Thatcher
    Professional Armour Restoration (Katchushi Koubou)
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      Thank you chaps...much appreciated, so nothing special then?


      • DaveT
        DaveT commented
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        It's all special to the owner. I like it.

      • JohnMB
        JohnMB commented
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        Thanks Dave, I like it too.

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      I think we all feel that our first real piece is special. I bought my first sword [an absolutely horrible little wakizashi that was real but in the cheapest of mounts] but I loved it. In many ways I wish I still owned it.
      Ian Bottomley
      Ian Bottomley - UK


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        Thanks Ian, I hope you’re comparison to your ‘absolutely horrible little wakizashi in the cheapest mounts’ doesn’t suggest have an absolutely horrible Kabuto too?


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          Nice kabuto John, do you have pictures from the inside?
          Luc Taelman -


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            John, No not at all, I simply quoted my first piece as an example. As has been said you have a nice Haruta goshozan helmet. The Haruta were originally based in Nara but moved out into ther areas such as Kaga and elsewhere producing some fine armour. To be honest, I prefer their work to that produced by the Myochin although some of it can be rather light-weight by comparison. Treasure it.
            Ian Bottomley.
            Ian Bottomley - UK


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              Hi John.

              You done good, seriously good. (Or rather your wife did)

              As stated previously on another thread, you are now an official KatchuBunny.

              Welcome Aboard.

              Keep posting and have the courage to my dearly lamented first IaiJutsu/Battojutsu Sensei shared with me, a long time ago, when the World was younger and Text meant something in a Book..........
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              Pip Pip Cheerio



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                It’s a decent piece of armor. Made, as already mentioned, by a smith from the Haruta school. Nothing wrong with it for that price!
                As Luc said, a picture from inside would probably reveal it’s age?!
                Uwe Sacklowski / Germany