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Just bought this Maetate from Japan... Can anyone please help me authenticate?

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  • Just bought this Maetate from Japan... Can anyone please help me authenticate?

    Happy holidays everyone!

    I bought this lion maetate off Jauce. The seller, who was well reviewed, said it was Momoyama, but it looks in too good of shape to be that old... Can anyone take a look and let me know what you think?

    I was also wondering if anyone knew the significance of the lion/devil motif?

    Help much appreciated! Thank you!
    Julian... from Los Angeles

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    You may well be right in your opinion, Julian. There are hundreds of recently made ones out there, not all made in Japan.
    What kind of Kabuto woiuld have such an enormous double tsunomoto to fit in those holes?

    The creature is a Shikami, 獅噛 a kind of ogre or devil mask with protruding teeth. The shikami will bite but never let go, like a dog with a bone. The true Bushi will conduct him/herself in such a manner on the battlefield.

    For more examples, see:
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    Piers D - Japan / UK


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      Sadly Its a reproduction.

      Dealers are not experts, they get it wrong at times. The responsibility is always on that of the buyer.
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      David Thatcher
      Katchushi Koubou UK

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        Hi Dave

        Happy New Year Mate!!
        Pip Pip Cheerio



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          Piers & Dave, thank you for the expertise! I thought it might be modern, but liked it regardless so not too bothered about it.
          Julian... from Los Angeles


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            Hi everyone and happy new year 2019 !

            About maedate:

            Real old maedate seems to be quite rare and when one can spot one it usually comes rather expensive.
            Since they are rather fragile, especially wooden ones, I suppose that most of them must have either been destroyed or badly damaged as time passed by...
            Most of the maedate I ever found where late Edo, Showa or even very modern replicas (sometimes very nice looking and well made).

            My main concern with them is the way they fit with the kabuto. I think they must enhance its appearance but not hide its shape nor distract from its own beauty and this can prove difficult sometimes…

            I'd like to read comments from any of you interested with maedate.

            Daniel GONY - FRANCE


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              Daniel, I agree with your observations above.
              It is good to build up a stock of Maedate, and tsurukubi attachments, and try different combinations until you are satisfied with the overall size, balance and appearance in front of the more important kabuto.
              Piers D - Japan / UK