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My first Kabuto - Please help

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  • My first Kabuto - Please help

    Hello to you all!

    I am new to this Forum and to this area of collecting, so have limited knowledge and less experience! I have the opportunity to buy a mid to late period Edo Kabuto from a trusted source, but given my total lack of experience, I would appreciate some guidance...

    The helmet appears to be a nice piece and would still have to find a suitable Menpo and Maedate, so I would value some guidance as to whether this would be a good Kabuto to start off with? I don't know what criteria to judge the helmet with, what really matters and what is a fair price range for this piece.

    Please, any guidance would be more than valued, I don't want to over-pay on my first buy, and looking at other values is impossible if I don't know what criteria to judge value by... the prices are all over the place!

    These are the pics I have, I really like this Kabuto as a novice, so please let me have your thoughts on the Kabuto itself and what would be a fair offer for it?



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      Welcome to the forum Gary I cant help you with this but you have come to the right place lots of people here with tons of experience
      Dave Jackson
      B.C. Canada


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        Welcome to the forum, Gary! I think it looks like a very nice and solid kabuto. As you say, it looks to be a late Edo period suji kabuto. These late kabuto tend to be a ”mix” of different schools and styles.
        The ukebari (lining) looks to be intact so the question regarding a signature can be hard to answer. But my guess is that it’s not signed.
        I think it’s a very good ”first” kabuto. Much better than my first attemt

        Jan - Sweden


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          Hi Gary
          ​​​​​​ A nice kabuto edo period with restoration : mabezashi (visor I) red laquer inside seems newly restored! And a new relacing I think difficult to be sure with photos .. I think Other métal parts add in order to make this kabuto more attractive.. . All good state for a first kabuto stude.. 👍
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            Thanks so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it!!! It is being offered as a mid to late period Edo, with relacing. The bowl is apparently Mid Edo (1700s) and is not signed.

            I know it is very difficult to give an opinion on value from pics alone, but being my first purchase and an expensive item, please could you give me some guidance? The asking price is between US$4500-$5000, does this seem fair for this Kabuto?

            Again, thanks!



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              The red textile (Rasha maybe?) hanging from the back should be on a Yari I think.

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              Pip Pip Cheerio



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                Editing a comment
                About 3 min into the video there are two guys in armour facing off with what appear to be no-dachi that have the first third of their blades wrapped to allow them to be gripped forward of the tsuba essentially turning them into nagamaki I have never heard of this before any thoughts on this was this just a particular ryu I know that there were many different fencing styles or is this a normal weapon that I was not aware of?

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              It has been restored a bit. New egawa, lacing, possibly liner. The lacing is not the best job, but OK. I am not sure the bear fur was original either. I think the price is subjective, but I'd not pay more than 2500 US for it. But that's me. And Malcolm is right, the rasha on the back should be an Agamaki but not this.


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                Thanks Guys! Any other thoughts on the value of this Kabuto? I'm a little worried investing $4500 in this piece given your feedback...

                Thanks, Gary


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                  Difficult to talk price ... but I must say I agree with M. Grant It's expensive for such price you can find a better kabuto for sure 2500 3000 usd is enough... I think the seller has payed expensive the restorations on this kabuto.. So now he wants sell 4500 usd. We can understand his point of view .... Difficult !