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Bought a full Armor set. Pretty sure it is a repro. Can anyone confirm?

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  • Bought a full Armor set. Pretty sure it is a repro. Can anyone confirm?

    Can anyone help me confirm if this set of armor is a repro? I did the magnet test and it checked out but the clan symbol is very generic.

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      I also have a question about how to wear the Kote. It has two sets of two cords per sleeve. from what I gather one pair of the cord is to tie under the armpit across the chest but the other set I am unsure. Is it to go to the other kote and tie them together?


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        Hi Bleaches.,

        It looks very much like one of the custom sets made by Konin for Marutake Sangyo; they made the armours for both Kagemusha and Ran and many of the yearly Taiga - dramas.

        I think it's this one with some modifications, note the Wakidate fixing staves on the sides of your Kabuto to take the horns shown here :

        The Kara Bitsu is not standard issue from Marutake Sangyo, so someone spent out on it originally.

        The Kamon is called Gosankiiri.

        Still a good thing to have.
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          Agreeing to Malcolm, I want to add that the armour just looks too perfect to me. Certainly, there are restored armours that look nice and tidy as well, but this one just doesn't give off an "old vibe", does it...
          David Mueller - Germany


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            I agree not old but Japanese armor Nice for display and Good state ...
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            Bartek Bartosz Pasternak - Poland


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              Can anyone give me pointers on how these type of kote are tied? I am a bit perplexed on the dual cord on each point and the loops on the corners on the top front and back. My thoughts are one set is used to go under the opposing armpit but i have no idea about the loops and the other set.


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                100% modern and poorly laced. The cords on the last photo are designed to be tied across the back shoulders.