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Early or Late Okegawa Dou ?

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    Good Morning gentlemen,
    I remember seeing some pictures posted a few years ago by Dave of a Dō that ha had stripped of all the urushi to restore it (if I remember well).
    It was a surprise in finding out that what was assembled (and probably sold) as solid plates ( hence very expensive ) was in fact a combination of joint pieces recycled and then covered with urushi. Guess it was late Edo armor , which you luckily didn’t wear in actual combat, but it proved that scrap recycling was normal.
    Maybe Dave still has those pictures and can post them to see.


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      Morning gentlemen...

      Massimo, are you referring to the Leeds gathering in 2017 ?
      I was not there at the time but the report states :

      The seminar proper was opened by Dave Thatcher who shocked the audience into attention by ripping off a large section of the surface of what appeared to be beautiful lacquer on a dō. His point was to show how moisture had caused the leather that acted as a base for the lacquer layers had become detached from the metal underneath....

      I guess Dave must have some photos to illustrate what you wrote about recycling bits and pieces.
      Daniel GONY - FRANCE


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        Massimo, Daniel, yes, I remember reading about it on the old forum. Someone, probably also Dave, compared historic armourers to shady car mechanics, hiding all kinds of patches and mess-ups under layers and layers of urushi
        David Mueller - Germany