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A question regarding do construction

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  • Nii
    started a topic A question regarding do construction

    A question regarding do construction

    Please forgive me if this is in the wrong place, but I am hoping someone can answer a question about do construction.

    Specifically, I am wondering about muna-ita decoration. While some are clearly embellished versions of the kozane or ita-mono material, e.g., tooled leather. Others, however, are so intricately and colorfully done that they appear to be covered with a decorative fabric. I’ve tried to include a photo as an example, but my files are too large.

    Was fabric used as on some do muna-ita? Or are these further example of the exquisite skill in leather or metal work?

    Thank you!

  • Uwe
    Nii (your name?)
    Sometimes (quite rarely) silk brocade or “Dutch leather) was used.

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