Jan started a thread on the smaller Kōyaku-iré, and suggested that a separate thread would start for the larger coarse blackpowder flasks. Well, here it is.

To start the thread here is a comparison shot, an unlikely pair, thematically close, both carved from wood in the shape of a leather or silk coin ‘kinchaku’ purse. ‘Unlikely’ in the sense that ‘purse’ lookalikes are pretty rare, I would guess.

A typical coarse powder flask will be larger to contain gunpowder for filling quick-loading Hayago tunes with the main charge. The neck spout is usually broad in diameter and the cap is a little measuring cup of perhaps 5-10 grams, or 77-154 grains in the West.

No.1 The 火薬入 Kayaku-iré on the left is lacquered wood, in an Inro style, with iron rings, and bone (or stag antler) neck and cap.
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