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    I've been away from the forum for a while but now have something new to share, enjoy, and all comments welcome!

    I call these my "plain guns" no inlay or decoration, just beautiful metal work. The facets of the smaller gun's barrel are actually slightly fluted. The stocks are very similar. May some opinions be given as to style or school?

Many Thanks

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    Welcome back! Those look like two fine and solid examples, Steve. What do you know about them?
    Piers D - Japan / UK


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      Hello Piers,

      I know nothing except that they are heavy! The larger is 18.5 lbs. the smaller around 10 I think. We have been re-building our home and moving. I have not had the time to study really or even remove them from their stocks. The quality is evident and they were available...

      I can take more detailed photos of the barrels, sights, muzzles etc. besides signatures what would you like to see?


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        Er, is the bear a Catholic? Why have so many secret lurkers given you plus points? Yes, please!
        Piers D - Japan / UK


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          Smaller gun...


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            From the larger gun...


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              Welcome ”back” Steve 🙂
              Really nice pair of matchlocks. I love the fact that looks to be in absolute perfect condition down to the nice crisp color of the tetsu. It always warms my heart when I see matchlocks that has been kept more or less in its original state.
              As to clues to where they might have made, well, that’s a somewhat harder nut to crack without a supporing signature. Both these guns are of what I would label as ”generic” design.
              The smaller of them with the straight-cut finish to the stock is obviously of Tazuke-ryu design. Have you checked the breech plug (bisen)? Is it round? As the gun lacks some of the other Tazuke-ryu features, my guess is that it might have been built in or around the city of Osaka during the latter part of the Edo period.
              The larger matchlock with its elongated handle is of Ogino-ryu design. Again, the gun doesn’t reveal many other clues to where it could have been made.
              Will be interesting to see what the signatures tells us.
              Again, very nice matchlocks.

              Jan - Sweden


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                When you take those signature shots, Steve, have the muzzle facing away and the bisen facing you.
                Piers D - Japan / UK