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Lacing a Kabuto

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  • Lacing a Kabuto

    Really simple question...start from the top or start from the bottom? I know I need to pack with paper. Should l I wash the Ito to prevent it stretching? And other tips would be really helpful!

    Appreciate it!


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    Top down is standard, and it really depends on how the shikoro is attached. Are you using silk? If so, NO, it's designed to stretch properly. I have no experience using cotton, it's not authentic. The whole process of lacing is an art, and the way to lock the ends, and the whole plug process is standard. But you size the silk ohoshi to the ana (hole). So you don't have huge sagging caps over the silk once hung and it has weight on it.


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      While I am not an expert, this is a top down, the shikoro is attached to the hachi via the odoshi. It runs down and and is tied at the end.


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        Thanks guys...


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          John, You don't say whether the shikoro is kebiki or sugake laced but I assume the latter. You need to cut the required number of lengths of braid, each twice as long as the depth of the shikoro, plus about 1/3 as much again to create the cross-knots. Taper each end of each piece by scraping the braid on a piece of wood with a knife and then coat the ends with glue and roll them between the fingers to get a point. When dry, you can start on the top lame and thread a length of braid through each pair of holes, making sure the braid edges turn underneath as it emerges from the hole. Strictly, you should then lift each length of braid upwards and pack the hole under the braid with a tiny plug of paper or a triangular plug of leather. The idea of the plugs is to fill any unfilled space in the hole and to lock the braid in it.
          Now add the next lame, threading all the ends of the braid through the top holes in it. Adjust its position, overlapping the lower edge of the first lame and level with it. Then form the cross knots, all of which go the same way throughout so to speak, again plug the braid as the emerge through the holes below the cross-knot. Carry on until done.
          Ian Bottomley.
          Ian Bottomley - UK


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            Thank you so much Ian...she's all done know...about to post