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  • Hacked!

    Earlier today, our forum was hacked by a poor excuse of a human being. This is unfortunately a quite common occurrence in our digital era. But it’s always more painful when it hits close at home.
    Together with the hosting company, we are currently on a search and destroy mission to find this ”hacker”.
    Thanks to our recent fund-raise, we now have the means to back-up content and to protect us. But these creepy crawlers are a constant threat.
    Hopefully, this was the last time.

    Jan - Sweden

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    😯😒 All my support in this bad situation
    Laurent. /. France
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      Thanks Jan i was worried when i couldnt log in.

      Im all for finding the perpetrator and a court marsheeling and sentencing for treason against the crown to be shot.

      ( Reminds of the blackader firing squad scene)

      I mean your heaviest might me adequate for it.
      Ore Anthonys multiibareled gun ore his canon.

      Ore Piers with a full firing squad.

      Why not just everything at once


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        thanks a lot for your efforts....
        Uwe Sacklowski / Germany


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          Hi Jan,

          One of my sites was hacked last year, so I appreciate the concerns .

          It's unlikely to have been a person, just a Bot.

          Current scam in UK is an email purporting to be from British Telecom saying that your site has been infected and contact BT immediately using the helpful direct link in the email.

          This emanates from Nagaland India.

          Bump up the antivirus to Conan Status and carry on in this fashion, I respectfully suggest:

          Pip Pip Cheerio



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            I love that scene

            Jan - Sweden


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              Well, ”someone” out in cyberspace, seems to have taken an interest in trying to slow us down.
              But as you all know by now, nothing can stop a true samurai.
              Justin and the host company has worked hard yet again to plug apparent holes in our protection. Hopefully this time, our front line will hold.
              And again, we are fully secured so nothing was lost.
              Please, keep posting away. We must stand united against this menace.
              How I wish people could get a life...

              Jan - Sweden


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                Hip hip hooray!!!.... to a great field commander and his reliable backward services. Or in short...Thanks Jan and Justin
                Uwe Sacklowski / Germany


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                  Thank goodness we are back on line. Many thanks to all the hard work to Jan and Justin. I've been beavering away on a translation project and worrying about where it might be placed - watch this space.
                  Ian Bottomley
                  Ian Bottomley - UK


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                    All credit to Justin for his tiredless work to give us back our forum.

                    P.S Can’t wait for that writeup, Ian!
                    Jan - Sweden


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                      Again hacked this is not a game, hope the forum will be well protected against this...... . Not easy, thanks for your work Justin
                      Laurent / France
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                        Thanks Justin.
                        Ian, whatever you are working at, can’t wait to read it...



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                          Thank you Justin for working so hard to protect the forum! I was really happy when I tried to login again and it worked
                          David Mueller - Germany


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                            Well, we are back. No damage so far.
                            Luc Taelman -


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                              Phew, I was fearing the worst this time. Many thanks to the intrepid guardians!
                              Piers D - Japan / UK