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The Tōken society of Ireland - Kanji Workshop

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  • The Tōken society of Ireland - Kanji Workshop

    The Tōken society of Ireland is proud to announce it’s next event: Nihontō Kanji Workshop.

    Central to the world of collecting nihontō is the ability to read Japanese, whether to translate the mei on a nakago, or a kanteisho offering judgement on the authenticity of swords and fittings. The aim of this workshop will be to provide a foundation in the ability to read and understand the usage of kanji in relation to nihontō. To achieve this aim, we will teach the basic formation of mei and provide exercises for participants to test themselves within a relaxed environment.

    Our meetings are not exclusive to TSI members, but are open to anyone with an interest in nihontō. We have previously hosted NMB members from Europe attend our meetings, and would be more than happy to accommodate anyone else who wishes to attend.

    For more information, please see our Facebook page: https://www.facebook...15103522177164/
    David Thatcher
    Professional Armour Restoration (Katchushi Koubou)
    Facebook Group:

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    Somewhere kicking about on the internet there is a long article I churned out years ago on the subject as related to swords. I know it is on the NMB under the title of 'Signatures' and it may be of interest.
    Ian Bottomley
    Ian Bottomley - UK