Monday, March 30, 2020

The IRON MOUNTAIN ARMORY was founded in 2008 by Michael J. Asterita of Little Star Enterprises, Inc., with the sole aim of bringing the intricacies and beauty of Japanese Samurai armor to the modern market at affordable prices. While keeping with Japanese tradition of meticulous craftsmanship, Iron Mountain Armory employs skilled Chinese craftsman and has become world renowned for supplying the most historically accurate and affordable production armor.  Not only are the Iron Mountain Armory’s yoroi’s (suits of armor) works of art that look beautiful on display, they are also full-sized, functional, battle-tested and traditionally crafted making them perfect not only for display and dress but excellent tools for training in ancient bushido arts.

The Iron Mountain Armory offers a full line of customizable armor in various designs, styles and classes; all available for purchase through their distributors located around the world.  To date, the Armory has produced yoroi for hundreds of satisfied customers, as well as producing armor for films, television programs, documentaries, battle re-enactments, museums and collectors worldwide. 

Providing to a diverse and expanding market, the Iron Mountain Amory presently produces their armor in four different quality levels: Kachi (Foot Soldier), Gashira (Officer), Taisho (Commander) and Daimyo (Warlord). The goal is to ensure their crafting and materials are as historically accurate as possible. The most important factors of the Iron Mountain Armory’s goals are taking into account the needs of different clients, on both a design-based and price-based level. Virtually all of the Iron Mountain Armory’s products are customizable, allowing clients to pick and choose the colors of their armor, lacing and sizing.  In addition, clients can decide which quality level they prefer, depending on their budget.

The Iron Mountain Armory’s passion for armor crafting shows in their dedication in researching both armor design, traditional crafting techniques and materials.  Ever-expanding, the armory continues to offer new designs from the sengoku and edo periods, as well as a full line of clothing and accessories, making them the world’s largest supplier of everything samurai related.

The Iron Mountain Armory truly lives up to their motto of “Traditional Armor for the Modern Warrior”

The most standard class, Kachi Armor (or Foot Soldier) sells for just over $1000 US dollars, which allows even those on a limited of budgets to own a complete suit of beautiful samurai armor to wear and display with pride. However, while Kachi Armors look and feel authentic, they present limited options for customisation.

This is where the Gashira Armor come into play. For an additional $700 US Dollars (averaging at $1700 per suit), the Gashira Class Armor (or Officer Class), offers much more extensive customization, giving the buyer much more freedom in designing their armors, by giving them the ability to change colors and styles to their armor. By far the most popular line offered by the Iron Mountain Armory is the Gashira Armors as they offer a high level of quality for an excellent price.

Ranking in above Gashira Armor is the Taisho Class Armors. These armors are intricately designed and handcrafted from start to finish. A masterwork of iron art and craftsmanship, Taisho Armor (or Commander Class) takes hundreds of man-hours to complete, and is crafted only on by the most skilled armorers.

Finally comes the Daimyo Armor; these exquisite armors take many hundreds of hours to create, and are by far the ultimate testament to both the prowess of the Japanese armorers who designed it long ago as well as the skill of the Iron Mountain Armory’s craftsmen who flawlessly replicate it. Daimyo Armors (or Warlord Class) are vastly unique, designed from some of the most iconic yoroi ever crafted, designed for Emperor’s and Shogun’s alike.

As well as producing tailor-made armors, the Iron Mountain Armory also produces many more Samurai themed products, including an extensive line of clothing, accessories and replica weapons. Keeping the quality levels high and the prices low across all their products, The Iron Mountain Armory has cemented its place as the world’s leading supplier of historical Japanese armors and clothing, and will always favour hand crafted quality.

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