Guy De La Repelle is one of Japan's most respected dealers of fine art and Samurai arms & armour. He is a native Frenchman who has lived in Japan for more than a quarter of a century.

An outstanding Edo Jidai, Go-Mae-Dou Gusoku sold by Guy in 2017

Guy de la Rupelle is the owner of Artes Japonica, an antique dealership based in Japan just outside of Tokyo. Guy started his business in 2002 after living in Japan for over 25 years. 

Shortly after arriving in Japan, Guy became fascinated with the culture, its antiques and art. He would spend his free time searching the local flea markets and antiques fairs for unique curiosities. This passion for buying antiques finally lead to him becoming a licensed antiques dealer and opening his business.  

Initially he bought and sold small tansu chests, lacquerware and tea ceremony goods. He was particularly drawn towards the arts of the samurai and taking great pleasure from handling such items, he began to source armour and weaponry from Japan and Europe. Guy is one of the few sellers in Japan to specialise in full suits of armour. He also sources high quality pieces of interest such as masks and body armours, with a preference for those with a proven provenance, an important requirement for most high end private collectors and museums.

A rare Edo Jidai Kawari Kabuto in the form of an imperial court cap.

Guy’s passion has made many him friends and helped him to accumulate an international clientele, whilst his business has given him an opportunity to delve deep into Japanese history in a way that textbooks never could.



Location: Japan